Lace Crazy Quilt Block 19

Lace Crazy Quilt Block 19

Crazy quilt block 19Work in Progress Wednesday is here again and I have another block to share with you. It  has sat around partly done for a little while so I am pleased to be at the stage of sharing it. Needless to say it is another 7 inch block towards my next crazy quilt. This is Lace crazy quilt block 19.

As you can see every seam is covered by either a braid or lace. The antique lace at the top of the block, the cotton lace that runs vertically down the left side of the block and the lace that covers the  diagonal seam on the bottom right hand side of the block are all hand dyed with procion dyes. The little lace burgundy flowers are also hand dyed using procion dyes. The burgundy braid is a commercial braid that came in that colour. After securing it to the block I added lines of seed beads.

The line of silk ribbon roses  on the cotton lace running vertically down the left hand side of the block and the roses tucked inside the heart shape, are Fargo roses. this type of silk ribbon rose is quick and easy to work.  I have written a  tutorial on how to work a Fargo here

I find that blogging a project and setting a day each week aside to blog about it pushes me towards getting this quilt done.

Where are the other blocks?  

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