Friday Freebie A hand embroidery pattern

Friday Freebie A hand embroidery pattern

free hand embroidery patternThis is another of my little hand embroidery designs. This motif could be used on a tree decoration or a biscornu.  If you click on the image you will get a larger version  which you can right click to copy to the desktop.

This design could be worked in satin stitch our outlined using stem stitch. You will find these and many more listed in my stitch dictionary.

If you need to know how I would transfer this pattern to fabric, I have a tutorial on how to transfer embroidery designs to fabric which may help.


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  1. Bonsoir
    Je n'ai pas de blog mais souhaiterais participer à cette aventure.
    Je suis curieuse d'apprendre de nouveaux points. Merci de me compter parmi les vôtres.
    Bien amicalement.

    michelle tourne

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