Work in Progress Wednesday

Work in Progress Wednesday

Well What is this?

Just before Christmas I explained to readers how my daughter after a decade in the industry is setting up her own circus. The dining room has been taken over with pretties as she is in full costuming mode with me occassionally helping.

The Great Australian bite sized circus launches in February so check out her blog Star Dust and Sledge Hammers and you can see some of here skills on Eve’s YouTube page.  Leave a comment on her blog to wish her luck as it’s been a crazy month here. From a family point of view it has been a case of all hands on deck to literally get a show on the road.

Eve purchased a tent manufactured it the United States and cleared it through customs and quarantine after having it shipped here to Australia. The aquisition of the tent is a story in itself, now she is organising seating for 200 people. Ever tired ringing up and asking for a quote on circus seating? People on the other end of the line think you are pulling their leg.  Eve has also purchased vehicles (secondhand and some in need of repair) a trailer,  and is organising sound systems, music, lighting rigs and lights, a show reel, and a show! Along side designing a website, organising publicity, getting banners made, getting posters and tickets printed, getting permits, council permission, and insurance! The list goes on. Needless to say this is exciting but also a lot of work. It is all coming out of Eves savings so it’s done on a budget hence the costume making!

Me? What have I been doing? Well Eve asked for some of my graphics skills to be applied to a poster template she purchased. I sort of pulled this poster apart, added bits and pieced it together again for her.


  1. Wow ~ You must be so proud of her! I wish I was in Australia so I could go. I looked at her blog and it's great! (She's a gorgeous lady! And talented!)

    I look forward to hearing about how fabulous the Circus is going to turn out! What alot of work but so worth it in the end!

    Jennifer Cheek-Payan

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