TAST Week 9 Highlights

Well  here I am again, empty coffee cup on the desk but ready with a round up of couching samples worked this week which for me, are the highlights.

I know I say this each week but it is always hard to choose.

Over on Pierres, papiers, ciseaux there is an excellent tutorial on Bayeux stitch which is a form of traditional couching.

If you cant speak French use Google Translate it is a wonderful tool.

I think this is the best sample yet from La Bastidane. If you have not been following what she does each week you are really missing out on some great eye candy.

For a ‘thread’ that is a little different, over on Wild Roses and Blackberries you can see couched metal ball chain 

Over on Beading Arts Cyndi wrapped white eyelash yarn over a thick green thread and then couched it to her work.

Joyce in the Cactus patch couched ric-rac.

Susan McGowan over on stitchin fingers stitched this amazing fish!

Someone celebrated a birthday over on Claudia’s Blog.

Over on Brodibidouillages et Compagnie there is a little snail! Once again use google translate if you can not read French!

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks selection. Dont forget to visit the page and browse some of the links left in the comments. There are some great samples being worked for this challenge and if you dont take the time to look you really are missing out on some wonderful creative interpretations.

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  1. Coincidentally I am reading Jan Messent's 'Embroiderers of the Bayeux Tapestry' which is a wonderful book and well worth a good look, so the link to Pierres Papiers Ciseaux was very timely. This manner of stitching has long fascinated me so now I am anxious to try it out. Thanks everyone for the fantastic inspiration.


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