TAST week 12 highlights

Gosh this week’s round up  came around fast but then I have been busy  too. Lat week I asked if we needed a catchup as some people were having trouble catching up. It looks like those in favour of a catchup week outnumber those that dont. But never fear I have a mini 1 week challenge planned for those that are addicted and for those who worry about getting less stitches in the challenge there will be 52 stitches so if we have a catchup week the challenge will just over run so folks wont be missing out. Anyway I will tell you more about that tomorrow.

For now its time for our round up of featured work

alternating chain stitch sample

I have been watching Jizee’s Sampler grow 

alternating chain stitch sample 2

I took great visual pleasure in this bright and happy sample in sunflower yellow worked by MariaInez L.ribeiro dos Santos .

alternating chain stitch sample 3

Luiz Vaz once again caught my attention with his representation of a crown of thorns 

alternating chain stitch sample 4

Over on Playful stitching the spiky nature of the stitch was exploited and her studio journal is shared too.

alternating chain stitch sample

Chris Richards has produced a wonderful mandala 

alternating chain stitch sample 6

Valerie on Can the Leopard Change her Spots, has worked your sample on felt.

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