Work In Progress Wednesday: CQ Journal Block 3

Work In Progress Wednesday: CQ Journal Block 3

CQ journal project block March
I managed to complete my March block for the Crazy Quilt Journal Project 2012 late but it is done.

As many readers know I live in Australia and the leaves are starting to turn and I need to get out the rake. This block is in the rich colours of Autumn as Canberra has some wonderful non-native trees that turn many shades at this time of the year.

Also on the block is a little shamrock to mark St Patricks Day as Jerry was playing for the local Irish Dancers in a local “Irish” pub this year. He plays this Gig every year as its a bit of tradition and its always fun.

Click on the block for a larger image


  1. Well here in the USA, Atlanta, Georgia, its Spring and everything is blooming. We didn’t have much of a Winter and have had an early Spring. Your work is too beautiful. I will sign up for a class to find out how you can accomplish such wonderful stitching.

    Frankie Lynch
  2. Native Australian trees don’t turn red in the fall? A lot of trees here are developing a red glow (along with the light green glowing trees) as they are budding out (leaves and flowers).

    Beautiful block! I love the emphasis on reds rather than oranges for autumn (just because I like reds more than oranges).

    The top left and lower right tan/light brown patches seem to drop away to my eyes. I was wondering if it is just my eyes, or if it is an intentional thing. It really took looking at this a while before those patches registered. I noticed the ribbon embroidery and shamrock right away, then the seam treatments (including the brown lace) and then the other patches (then the buttons/charms, them more of them -silver? :^D) , but I was still registering those two patches as behind the block, rather than part of it, even though you have the ribbon embroider and lace on them! It startled me when I realized this. I winder if this would be the case if I saw it in context with other blocks. Is this just another kind of resting/restful area than the unstitched blue patches (which I fine very restful)? Maybe I need to take your class again. (Definitely will reread it!)

    1. Interesting that you pick up on the aspect of space coming forward or receding I was trying to evoke a mood of falling – not a literal tumble but a mood, a hint, nuanced. So I was really pleased when you said that.


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