Work in Progress Wednesday

Work in Progress Wednesday

Crazy Quilt journal project April 2012 crazy quilt block News this week is that I now have a Work in Progress Wednesdays FAQ in the top tabs. This page not only explains how it will work, it holds the FAQ and most importantly each week will have a  links to the latest post.

This year I am participating in the Crazy Quilt Journal Project 2012 but fell behind. I shared this block last week as it was half stitched. This is my block for April with it’s summer past and Autumnal mood that to me is April in Australia. I added a charm of  2 musical instruments a mandolin and violin as Jerry (my husband) plays violin and Eve (my daughter) plays mandolin and in April we had the National Folk Festival. Since both are performers the charm was appropriate.

Click on the block to see a larger version.

I have done my block for May. Now to start on June!

Join in and leave a comment!

If you have made progress on a large project leave a comment with a link to your site. (If you include the http bit it will become a link and folks can visit)


  1. Hi Sharon

    i just loved the idea of WIP wednesday . this is very encouraging and i think what you offer here , in TAST,your sites and the worksheets tells how much you are aware of all the obstacles that face all embroiderers of all stages .
    you are keen to HELP , PUSH and ENCOURAGE anyone interested in a very friendly manner which shows how you are deeply aware of the human psychology and THAT you have high EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE.
    another bonus here is that you know your work very well and anything coming from you is very valuable . one cannot easily find such accurate information coming from highly professional people who are willing to help .
    thank you for sharing and encouraging all the embroidery lovers .

    take care.

    1. Hi Karrin it is a stitch called Chained Cretan traingle. It is an obscurity I discovered and it is in my next worksheets. Module 7 will be out int he next week – 10 days. It is a really interesting variation.


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