Friday Freebie Hand Embroidery Pattern

Friday Freebie Hand Embroidery Pattern

free Hand embroidery patternI was asked earlier on this week if these patterns could be used for a quilt. Yes they could! Originally that is what I designed them for. I was going to make a small lap quilt with a few matching scatter cushions. I had anticipated using 1 pattern per block. Then I realised I enjoy this little design challenge but would never get to making it up, so decided to put them out free and kept doing them! The weekly design challenge is good for me and I like doing it.

This design could be worked in outline stitches using back stitch, threaded back stitch, chain, whipped chain, stem stitch or whipped stem stitch. You will find all of these stitches listed in my Stitch Dictionary

Click on the thumbnail as it will take you to a larger version of the image.

If you need to know how I would transfer this pattern to fabric, I have a tutorial on how to transfer embroidery designs to fabric which may help.

All posts in the series are in the  Friday Freebie category I hope you enjoy them.

These are for non commercial use and I ask you to attribute the work to me, with link back to this blog. You may not republish them online, as that is not in the spirit of sharing. So link to them but please do not re-publish.


    1. Hi Annet Yes it is a variation on the one you used for TAST. I have a few variations which will be dotted through the series. They were meant to be used on bisourno pin cushions (hence the embroidery around the edge- so that you had the middle free for pins)


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