Work in Progress Wednesday

Work in Progress Wednesday

I am not sure if this is suitable for a Wednesdays post but it is a work in progress, it does move slowly and it is big! On that criteria I am including it. Of course I am talking about my band sampler. This week it grew. The reason I questioned  if this news was appropriate is because I am not sure if I will reach a deliberate end. Obviously eventually it will end but how planned that will be in under question. In case you dont know what on earth I am talking about visit the Sampler FAQ page and you will get the back story.

sampler pieces

For the last two years I have been merrily stitching away on my For Love of Stitching Band Sampler . Last week I decided enough of them had accumulated and it was time to gather all the pieces together, stitch them together and add them to the big roll.

The first time I extended the sampler I took photos and described the process. So if you want to know how it was done pop over and read this blog post about it. I figured joining the strips was a bit of moment so took a photo.  This is what the sampler looked like when I joined my most recent work to the previous sampler.

sampler on sewing machine

Now the roll looks as big as my sewing machine!

sampler roll next to the sewing machine

How big did it grow?

The band sampler is now 96 feet 5 inches (2,938.78 centimeters), or  32.138 yards which is 29.3878 meters. It is 15 cm  or 6 inches wide.

Believe it or not that figure really annoyed me as how can I not add to it and at least make it 30 meters or say 100 feet!

Anyway that is my work in progress report for this week I hope this quirky thing makes you smile.

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  1. I love your growing roll of stitch samplers & have embarked on my own – with many references back to yours, of course!
    Thank you for continuing to inspire! and challenge! (and even motivate !!!)

    Mine is a simpler roll so far, but I have high hopes for it — here’s the latest finished piece for it

    and I’m adding my TAST pieces

    (I am woefully behind with TAST but aiming to catch up or at least keep up).

  2. Your sampler always amazes/boggles me. May it continue as long as you do, and may that be a long time to come.

    I didn’t make any stitching progress last week. (But remembering WIPW made me get back to it last night.) I made decent progress in my garden, though, and a tiny dent in the house projects. I don’t suppose playing with GIMP counts as progress, at this point. Oh, well… that’s all I blogged about.

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