Work In Progress Wednesdays

Work In Progress Wednesdays

crazy quilt block in progressThis week I would like to share the start of another 7 inch block for the lace quilt

If you click on the image you will be able to see a larger version.

Where are the other lace quilt blocks?  

You will find all the other blocks in the Lace Quilt category

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  1. OK, I’m ‘signing up’! Here’s my first weekly post, which, if you live close enough to the International Date Line, will have come out on the Wednesday (!!!):
    It’s good to have a specified day to post on and I think it will help to motivate me to always have something to post then, as I’ve got rather distracted by other things of late. Great idea, Sharon, thanks!

  2. This looks like the start of another great block. I see you are using the frame you wrote about a little while ago. Are you finding it as good as you thought it would be? I like the look of it and I am thinking of getting one.

    Over the last two weeks I haven’t touched my couple of big projects preferring to work on a quick finish to enjoy the satisfaction of a finish and because they are for swaps so needs to be completed. You can find what i have been working on here.

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