Girl on the Wall story embroidery

Girl on the Wall story embroidery

The Girl on the Wall, is an interesting piece of autobiographical embroidery. This sampler is the life story of Jean Baggot told via interlocking ‘circles of life’ which act a framework to illustrate each narrative.

This video interview explains how it came about and why the piece was made.

There is a second video that speaks a little more about the sampler and promotes her book.

Also there is the “Girl on the Wall” blog and website which is not to be missed as it covers how to work your own piece.


  1. Something in your narrative touched me deeply Jean – you said …’ realised I was nice to people so they wouldn’t leave me…’ I watched, helplessly, as my much loved talented daughter did exactly the same thing, in a destructive relationship. Her epiphany occurred too late and she died of breast cancer aged 38, leaving four lovely children and most of her dreams unfulfilled.

    Val E.
  2. I can’t thank you enough for posting this. What an amazing piece of work! And an amazing story… I was moved to comment as I think I am going thru my own epiphany. And it was a wonderful thing to hear of someone’s else’s story.
    Thank you so much!


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