Work in Progress Wednesdays block 27 done

Work in Progress Wednesdays block 27 done

crazy quilt block This week my work in progress report proudly boasts that I have completed the 27th block for the lace quilt.

Click on the image to see a larger version.

The block in the lace quilt are 7 inch blocks and there are 49 to do so I am slowly working my way through the stack of blocks and currently alternating between these and the CQJP blocks.

Next week I will start another Crazy Quilt Journal Project block. I am finding alternating between the two large projects does help.

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  1. I’m back, for another look at your block – with a question. In the pale blue lower left patch, is that a trim or a stitch? It looks like a chain stitch with little blue loops on each side?

    Marci Hainkel

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