Work in Progress Wednesday Block 29 started

Work in Progress Wednesday Block 29 started

Crazy quilt block 29 startedI have started another block for my lace quilt. If you look carefully I have started some embroidery but there is still lots to go! I am progressing but it feels slow. The blocks are 7 inches square but I have been doing these for a while and there is always a bit of hump with big projects I think I am hitting one with this quilt!

In case your wondering about the frame I have the block on I am still using it and really like it. I wrote a review of the Grip-n-Stitch embroidery frame review here.

I was given a gift of lace “towards my next quilt” and I wrote about it here. I have since worked out there is enough lace for at least another 2 quilts after this one!

The other blocks I have worked you can see in the Lace Quilt category

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