A book of free patterns online

A book of free patterns online

Here is another book of free patterns for hand embroiderers that I have found in the Antique pattern Library  I would like share the find and also provide some eye candy that hopefully temps some of my readers to investigate further. The Antique pattern library do provided some great resources for hand embroiderers online and these free patterns are really nice!

free hand embroidery patternThese free patterns are all from 4 pdf files described in the Antique pattern Library as
“Dillmont, Th. de, ed. D.M.C. Broderie au passé, La . Mulhouse, Dollfus Mieg & Cie, [c.1900], [35 pgs] plus the text pages from the German edition.”

free hand embroidery patternThey are in German but the pdf files 2 and 3 particularly contain many floral patterns and designs. There are many wide border patterns that would be great on cushions. I think they are meant to be used on items like table cloths etc but since not many people use table clothes everyday you would need to adapt them for contemporary use. Even if you take these as inspiration or break them up in smaller units for samller

free hand embroidery patternTo find this book

free bookOn  the Antique Pattern Library Catalogue page go to the letter D and scroll down until you see this book cover next to a description which reads

“Dillmont, Th. de, ed. D.M.C. Broderie au passé, La . Mulhouse, Dollfus Mieg & Cie, [c.1900], [35 pgs] plus the text pages from the German edition.”

Or go to their search page and put “D.M.C. Broderie au passé” in the field and that will bring up the 4 pdf files

Problems? The Antique Pattern Library are sticklers for you having the latest version of Adobe reader for security reasons. If when you try to open or download a pdf file you receive a message asking for a password you need to upgrade your version of acrobat reader as no passwords are required. You also may need to update your browser. If you have other troubles go to their FAQ page here and see if there is something else you need to do

The Antique Pattern Library is a wonderful resource and I always spend far too much time on their site I hope you enjoy both the site and this book too !


    1. Liss they really are picky about you having the latest copy of Acrobat – check what they say in their FAQ
      I have found its no good being a week out of date – if you dont have the absolute latest you will have trouble.


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