Two tutorials to play with

Two tutorials to play with

It was Australia Day on the 26th but it is a public holiday today so happy holiday to all my Aussie readers.

Poking around Youtube I have discovered a couple of video tutorials I think readers might enjoy.
In this first video from LittleCanvas demonstrates how to make an art journal from paper scraps. I also like her storage system!

This second video tutorial also from LittleCanvas demonstrates a layered altered paper technique which produces a rich visual texture.


  1. Hi Sharon,

    Both of the LittleCanvas tutorials have now been marked “private.” I logged into YouTube and searched for “LittleCanvas,” but there was no account under that name. Clicking on either of the videos above merely yields a page with the same “This video is private” message. There’s no owner or contact information, either, so I see no way to contact the owner to ask her permission for access.

    I see from your answer to a previous message that you searched for a blog but couldn’t find one. Do you recall whether the artist ever mentioned her real name in the video?

    I tried searching for the title of the first video, in the hopes that it might lead me to her. While I found multiple references to the video, they all seemed to converge on a Pinterest account from which it has now been removed. (I realize some artists use Pinterest to promote their own art, but judging from the large number of artists in the tutorials pinned to this account, the account owner isn’t the artist in or owner of the video.)

    Triche Osborne
    1. Yes it has since been marked private. It was public when I wrote about it.
      If the artists name was mentioned I would have said. She just referred to herself as Little Canvas so that is what I wrote.

  2. These were terrific! While they do illustrate a creative, artistic way to use scraps (and who doesn’t appreciate that?), the results are so versatile. Thank you for posting them.

    Triche Osborne

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