Work in Progress Wednesday

Work in Progress Wednesday

Well I am sad to say that selling sets of  CQ stencils and posting them out in time for the Christmas holiday means I have not done any stitching. Once again I dont have any Work in Progress to write about.

I am opening up this post for those who use the weekly deadline to push them towards completing a project.

Do people still want me to do this over the holiday period? I have a pile of stitching related things that are gifts so, I can’t share them and I wonder if others are in the same situation? Or some people also like myself are just too busy. I know I am running like mad since I have returned from our holiday.

Let me know what people would like to do as its easy enough to open a place where people can leave a message about an on going project and it’s great to see people progressing. It’s no trouble for me to do it, but if few are going to be able to work on long term projects it looks a bit silly. Or we can stop and recommence in the new year – where at least I will able to stitch along too! So leave a comment and I will go with the majority.

If you have leave a comment with a link to your site including the http bit of your web address  as then it will become a link and folks can visit and see what you have done.

If you want to know more about Work in Progress Wednesdays visit the FAQ.


  1. December is no busier for me than any other month and I would be most grateful to continue to have the weekly ‘weigh in’ post, esp. as I’m really going to bite the bullet and get that beastly feather done!!

    In the meantime, here’s today’s post:

    Glad to hear the stencils seem to be selling well. The more people who can make a living from creative work the better.=)

    BW to you both.=)

  2. I probably won’t be able to post any progress until after the holidays, but I do like to follow other people’s progress. Maybe if I wasn’t on the computer so much I’d have progress to show.

    Marci Hainkel
  3. hello
    I am living in Switzerland and I enjoy to read you . of course I am trying to do a lot of embroidery. Your articles help me and they are a source of gorgeous ideas !!. As I am working I have not enough time to do more as I do .
    Thank you very much for sharing your work
    best regards

    1. Michele, my daughter and I live in the U.S. We want to attend workshops for embroidery, weaving, or anything else to do with fiber arts in Switzerland or other European areas. Any information you can give me about the art in Switzerland would be most appreciated. Thank you so much.


      Sandy Smith
    1. Hi Queenie -I think there are a few people who would find it useful and it is no trouble to open a post so people can leave a link. I thought I would ask as if people are too busy it looks silly on my part. I am happy to do it.


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