Work in Progress Wednesday Block 38 done

Work in Progress Wednesday Block 38 done

OK I am late this morning because I have been unwrapping birthday presents. Jerry gave me  a Wacom drawing tablet! I have yet to use it, but I am itching to play with it. Not only that, but we have a cool change and the temperature is comfortable. What more could I want?

Lace Quilt Block  38Anyway back to stitching before I side track myself chattering on about Illustrator and drawing with stylus instead of a mouse – which is what I have done for years.

I want to share my work in progress for this week. I have finished block 38 of my next quilt.  Stitching this block was like pulling teeth, but am am pleased to report it is done so the project has progressed a little more towards completion. Click on the image to see a larger version of the block. I hope readers enjoy it.

I think I am a little tired of the quieter colours and am itching to break out into some brighter more jewel tone colour schemes but unfortunately this quilt is mainly muted colour schemes. Maybe  I need to make a bag or a purse of something!

You will find all the other blocks to this quilt in the Lace Quilt category

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  1. Sharon, your block is beautiful, and if you are really tired of it you could send it to live at my house. Hope your day was happy.
    I’m glad to see so many posting progress, and so much eye candy. I have none to show, although I’ve been sewing a little on this project, a little on that.

    Marci Hainkel
  2. Happy Birthday. Its still very warm in Perth, but I don’t miss the cold of Canberra. My daughter, 17, who is an artist has a Wacom tablet and it is her most prized and used possession. What she does with it is stunning. You will find it just inspires you to create, as it does her

  3. That tablet sounds fun! (I won’t ask how old you are…..LOL!!)

    I understand what you mean about the colour scheme on your current quilt. It’s pretty, but I’d be longing to get in some yellows, greens and red-based colours too. It’s hard to keep to such a limited palette on a large piece. Yes, that’s a good idea, create a small pyschedelic piece to relieve the monotony.

    Here’s my latest WIPW post:

  4. Sorry, I was so full of my own WIPW report that I missed the bit about your birthday. Many Happy Returns of the Day! What a lovely present; perfect for your design jobs.
    If ALL blocks were as soft as this one the entire quilt would be either quetly beautiful or slightly dull. However, I think it will be mixed in with blocks that stand out and cry for attention, so it will have a calming effect on the other blocks. The lace and trims are lovely, as is the stitching!

  5. Happy birthday Sharon. Hope you had a wonderful day. Here’s wishing you all the best for the coming year, full of joy and wonder.

    A purse or bag? Sounds like a plan.


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