I have been decorating my stencils!

I have been decorating my stencils!

I was contacted by a very well known crazy quilter (she will fall about laughing when she reads this) She asked if I had thought about making my cq templates, still transparent but coloured. I answered I had but it was going to cost more. In order to keep the costs down I selected a clear plastic. Of course I asked why and she told me so they don’t get lost on the work table.

stickers on stencilsWell … I could not imagine losing the templates so to be honest did not think too much about it. Then the other day sure enough I was working and could not see for the life of me the template I was using! I turned everything on the table over, looked under things and generally got annoyed. Then bingo I saw it next to my coffee cup. Ha! it was payback for feeling smug.

Serves me right, but I smiled and decorated my templates with some cheap stickers. Floral ones to remind me of the person who made the request (she likes floral motifs) and so I can find them easily on my work table!

It works … honest.


  1. My (several) work areas always end up looking like a mad woman’s breakfast, so I make a point of sliding my templates into the envelopes and cover you sent them in……..But hey I can still manage to misplace the A4 sized folder that the templates and notes are stored in.
    Another object to hang pendant-wise around my neck????

  2. LOL! Sounds just like me. Especially when embellishing I lose things right in front of me. I also have put stickers or tape on my clear rulers etc. Glad to see it isn’t just my addled brain!

    Joyce in NM,USA
  3. I color mine with permanent marker Orange my favorite color. I learned this after losing a VERY EXPENSIVE long – arm ruler that I use all the time. I still haven’t found that darn thing for over 2 years.

    kristie Watson
  4. Oh no!! Im laughing too but they will turn up when u not looking then u will find them but you know that already so i will go check mine are where i left them eek
    Love n hugs always

    Belinda Sweeney
  5. Well lucky you two! I bought a set, put them in a safe place and can’t find them!!!!! Turned the place upside down. Not happy Jan!!!!!! Laugh or cry stuff ……… lol

    1. I know what you mean! I bought a set before Sharon went traveling and then couldn’t fid them. Turned my craft area upside down to no avail. So, when she returned, I bought another set. Then, i stumbled on the first set, safely stored in a place I swear I searched before! I keep mine carefully folded in the flral papers they came in now!

      Carol Harper
      1. I did the sAme bought them immediately when they were offered and then lost them. Found them recently and placed them with other templates so I know where they are when I need them. Too funny we all have too much going on,but that is a good thing.Joanne


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