Work in Progress Wednesday Block 39 done

Work in Progress Wednesday Block 39 done

Lace Quilt Block 39Block 39 is done. In comparison to block 38, I had much more fun with this block as the colours were more dramatic.

I am more that two thirds of the way through the blocks needed for this quilt. As I said the other week am tiring of the quieter colour scheme. At the moment I am thinking this is the last quilt I will make but then I always  get tired of big projects when I am two thirds to three quarter of the way through. The Diamond quilt was the same. Experienced stitchers know they hit this phase and usually have to push forward to get it done. But inexperienced stitchers often leave off at this point and the projects becomes a UFO  (an UnFinished Object). That is not happening to this project as I am aware it is a case of pushing through to the end.  If you click on the image you will see the completed crazy quilt block larger.

Lace Quilt Block 39 detailI have a detail I thought people might enjoy. I used my CQ stencils for a small daisy motif and love the metal capped beads placed in-between the two detached chain stitches.

Anyway I hope you enjoy seeing this block. You will find all the other blocks in the Lace Quilt category

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  1. Your work is beautiful and just the inspiration I need. Thanks and please be sure to send me your new posts by email !!!

    If they come on Wednesday, this will be something to really look forward to when you think the weekend will never get here! 🙂

    Mary Ellen Tardiff
  2. I marvel at your keen eye and artistry! Thank you so very much for sharing this with us. I, for one, cheer you on from afar and hope it boosts you to continue with such beautiful work. You are creating a timeless treasure.


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