Detail 663 on my Freeform Hand Embroidery Sampler

Detail 663 on my Freeform Hand Embroidery Sampler

Sampler section 50
The detail below is an area on section 50 on my Love of Stitching Band Sampler.


The fabric started life as a placemat. I discovered it in a secondhand charity shop stained and unloved. Since it was linen I first tried to dye it but in the end cut away the stains and incorporated it into my patchwork sampler foundation fabric.

hand embroidery detail on needlework sampler

Stitches Used

This is pattern darning worked in rayon thread. Using rayon is not recommended for new hands as this thread misbehaved. I tried every trick I knew dampening as I worked, I stuck it in the freezer and steamed and all sorts! By the end of this area I decided that embroidery threads should not be so difficult to use and I would never buy rayon again as we were no longer friends. I did enjoy adding the beads however. In fact I have never met a bead I did not like!

hand embroidery detail on needlework samplerDate:

This section of the sampler was worked between March and May 2010.


This area is a section in my  Love of Stitching Band Sampler which is 15 cm (6 inches) wide and currently measures 96 feet 5 inches (2,938.78 centimetres), or  32.138 yards which is 29.3878 meters. It is still growing…

Sampler FAQ
If you want to know more about this piece visit the Sampler FAQ page or you can work back through the series of articles by reading them in the the Love of Stitching Band Sampler category.


  1. Rayon threads drive me crazy, too. It helps to remember that they are wound the opposite of most threads so you need to work stitches like French knots backwards.

    Catherine Schuler
    1. Yes you are right Catherine rayon is twisted backwards but I still find it bother and I am serious about not using it anymore – I know all the tricks to use it but I have decided I will put my time into silk.

  2. Sharon this is beautiful. What stitch is that you used? it looks like a straight stitch. I know what you mean about Rayon. But I just love the beautiful sheen the thread has.

    kristie Watson

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