Free book of Embroidery patterns

Free book of Embroidery patterns

Screen shot of embroidery book I would like to share news about a free publication at the Antique Pattern Library

Anand’s Embroidery Book is a 36 page pattern book that is available as a free PDF download.

Screen shot of embroidery book Here are some sample pages so you can see what you are getting.
Screen shot of embroidery book Do you use the Antique Pattern Library regularly? This non-profit organisation announced in their newsletter that is has a shortfall this year of USD $4,000
They need donations to keep the site running. There is a Paypal, donate button at the top of every page. If you can afford to do so please consider supporting them.

A Tip to Note With the Antique Pattern Library if you get a message saying your PDF corrupted or asking for password make sure you have the most recent Adobe reader. Save the PDF to your computer and open the file from there.

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  1. Hi Sharon,
    I loved your sampler taking centre stage in Canberra. How I wish it could be on view for quite a while longer. It is so inspirational and off set by the exquisite poppies, so lovely…
    The Antique Embroidery is such a lovely idea. I will definitely make a donation. I’ve just purchased the’ History of the Bayeux Tapestry’ and decided that on my “bucket list’ will be a visit to its museum. I’m currently reading all things historical.. but crocheting all things scarves.. sigh… when I run out of the easy stuff, Ill get back to the embroidery (thinking/tough) stuff..

  2. I just went to town on the Antique Pattern Library. Really got into the Priscilla Magazine books on tatting, embroidery, needlework & the one full issue they have from Dec. 1920. What fun! Thanks for pointing us to this resource

    Rita Scholey
  3. I like this book of antique embroidery very much. I always try to pick up vintage embroidery designs or patterns at flea markets and shops, so these embroideries will be used and viewed many times, thank you so much, Roxie

    Roxie West
  4. I’m not sure if this is where the link in your newsletter was supposed to go but it wouldn’t work for me so I’ll comment here anyway. I saw the pictures of your sampler on the Embroiderers Blog ACT and on your site – congratulations. I work the same way you do – a little bit at a time and eventually the project gets done. I get overwhelmed and/or bored if I am working on a big project so I tend to work on one for a while then start another because I have another exciting idea. I have a creative phase for several months and then I have a calmer period where I finish up projects.

    Marilyn in Alberta

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