Crazy quilt block 80

Crazy quilt block 80

Crazy quilt block 80


  1. Sharon, I love this block, and I really love this quilt! I usually view your posts on my ipad 2, but tonight I was on my desktop which has a 22″ HP flat screen monitor, and the difference between what I can see when I enlarge your photos on the ipad vs. the desktop is quite drastic. I find I was missing a lot of detail. The difference is worth firing up the old desktop PC. One of the gals who commented recently (Claire) is new to CQ and is a member of the yahoo group CQForNewbies, is using your details and patterns to create her own version of your quilt. Thought you’d like to know. I think she is amazing! Be well and as always , thanks for sharing!

    Marianne Squire Maszer
    1. Thanks Marianne for letting me know how useful the details and blocks are. As I write the series I hope that it is useful but it is nice to know that a new hand is inspired enough to work a quilt!


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