Crazy Quilt Templates Last Order dates

Crazy Quilt Templates Last Order dates

crazy quilt seam made with Sharon B's CQ Stencils


marking seam Sharon B's Crazy quilt templates

Recommended last order dates

For delivery by December 25th in USA & Western Europe including UK + Ireland
last order date Monday the 8th of December

For delivery by December 25th in NZ and Japan last order date Tuesday the 9th of December

For delivery by December 25th in Australia last order date Monday 15th of December

With my Crazy Quilt Templates you can create hundreds of different patterns to embroider on your crazy quilt projects. They are easy to use, totally clear so you can position them easily and they are compact in your sewing box. The plastic they are made of is solid but also recyclable and they are manufactured here in Australia.

As a stitcher who loves crazy quilting I designed these with other crazy quilters in mind. You can buy them here  and get the free ebook of patterns that go with them.


  1. Sharon I bought your templates last year and love them.

    I have a question about marking the stitch lines. Do you use a pencil or a disappearing marker or what? If it is a marker, what brand is your preference? Thanks

    1. Hi Wendy I use what ever works on the fabric I have chosen so I use the disappearing markers ( no favourite brand – I have a couple and use what is to hand) a sewline pencil if the weave of the fabric is tight, a white quilters chalk pencil if the fabric is dark. Basically it depends on the fabric – I test it a bit and use what works.

  2. Hi Sharon,

    I also have your templates and use them all the time. They are so helpful! I was wondering where you get your rice beads that are in your crazy quilt picture? I have trouble finding them.

    Debra Schuler
    1. Debra I got them from a vintage cardigan that was moth eaten but had lovely bead work on it.I found it in a garage sale. I unpicked the beads and used them and threw the cardigan out.


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