Embroidery Band sampler details 722 to 726

hand embroidery band sampler detail 722Embroidery band sampler detail 722 is an example of Woven Cross stitch. This sample  is worked in hand dyed wool which is actually a fine knitting yarn.

hand embroidery band sampler detail 723The next band on my sampler, band 723 is a filling stitch created by working rows of Chevron stitches  back to back before tieing the foot bars of each row, with a single straight stitch. I also worked single straight stitches in the space of  the chevron pattern which I then tied with a cross stitch.

hand embroidery band sampler detail 724The next ample is worked in  a hand dyed silk thread. It is a type of Eyelet stitch called Algerian overlapping border.

hand embroidery band sampler detail 7725Sample 725 also features this stitch worked in blocks as a fill. I used a commercial dyed variegated cotton perle #8 thread.

hand embroidery band sampler detail 726The last sample is band 726 which as you see was stitched on the anniversary of the day the  two halves of the Sydney Harbour Bridge was joined.

Needlework sampler section 51 dI hope you enjoy seeing these are details of my hand embroidery sampler.  These details are part of an on going story. The sampler is only 6 inches wide but it is 96 feet 5 inches or 29.3878 meters long you can read about why it exists on the Sampler FAQ page

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