Hand Embroidery sampler details 727-730

Hand Embroidery sampler details 727-730

Hand Embroidery sampler close up detail 727I have more close up details from my long hand embroidery sampler. Detail 727 is Algerian Border stitch worked in a hand dyed silk thread that is about the same thickness as perle #8 thread. Algerian Border stitch is an interesting stitch, it is a form of Algerian Eye stitch which is overlapped to create a thick solid band of needlework so it makes a great border.

In the sample above I worked it as a pulled stitch, giving each stitch a tug as I worked them on a hoop under tension. Pulling the stitches is what creates the line of holes which make a pattern. You can also work this stitch as a canvas or needlepoint stitch and it then becomes a filling stitch.

Hand Embroidery sampler close up detail 728Detail 728 is another example of ‘journalling on my sampler’. I am often watching the evening news as I stitch and in this case Australia’s election results had resulted in a hung parliament. The text is worked in back stitch in hand dyed silk thread. It is a the same thread that I used for detail 727.

Hand Embroidery sampler close up detail 729Detail 729 are 4 lines of Cretan stitch worked on top of each other to form a thick band . I used hand dyed silk thread and perle #8 thread.

Hand Embroidery sampler close up detail 730

Needlework sampler section 51 dDetail 730 is a pattern created by working Algerian eye stitch and then a line of Satin stitch ( over two of the fabric  threads)  this is also worked in the same hand dyed silk thread as the other bands of embroidery I have illustrated today.

I hope you enjoy seeing these are details of my hand embroidery sampler.  These close up details are part of an on going story. The sampler is only 6 inches wide but it is 96 feet 5 inches or 29.3878 meters long you can read about why it exists on the Sampler FAQ page


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