Hand Embroidery sampler details 736-740

Hand Embroidery sampler details 736-740

Hand Embroidery sampler close up detail 736I have more close up details from my hand embroidery sampler to share today

For those who do pulled thread embroidery I am sure you will recognise Ringed back stitch  in band 736. I worked it using a hand dyed silk thread. Since Ringed back stitch is a pattern based on back stitch it is was easy to give a traditional whitework stitch a contemporary twist by using colour.

Hand Embroidery sampler close up detail 737The next sample is also a and adaption of this stitch. If you peer closely ring back stitch has little diamond formed in between the rings where as this variety has little squares. It is bound to have a name as I am sure lots of stitchers before me have done this. I probably even have notes about it somewhere but I cant find them and I did not make a note in studio journal about it.

Hand Embroidery sampler close up detail 738The next little strip of stitching is a line of Algerian eye stitches and 6 satin stitches that are worked over two threads. I pulled the Algerian eyelets and probably poked a knitting needle into the  central holes to emphasise them more.   I worked it using the same hand dyed silk thread as I used in the sample s above. It is silk that is approximately the same thickness as cotton perle #8.

Hand Embroidery sampler close up detail 739The next sample is very easy stitch as it is threaded running stitch. In other words it is rows of running stitch that I have laced different threads through.

Hand Embroidery sampler close up detail 740

Needlework sampler section 51 e

The last band is another example of me adding a little journal element to my sampler. We had been in drought a very long time and the dams had been very low. This was a celebration as they reached a capacity of 65%. Dams at this level meant that we could water our gardens. So I stitched it on my sampler using a cotton perle #8 thread I worked the letters in back stitch.

These close up details of my hand embroidery sampler are part of an on going series of articles. The sampler is only 6 inches wide but it is 96 feet 5 inches or 29.3878 meters long you can read about why it came about and how it developed on the Sampler FAQ page


  1. Hello Sharon,

    I have decided to do a band sampler this year from the Tast stitches, but instead of a traditional sampler, I am making a collage of types on some of the the ground fabric pieces of each square.. I have the pieces cut 6in across, and then I join 3 or 4 and work on that before joining it to the previous fabrics.

    I want to line it on the back to help use up some fabrics and have started with the first part, but now I cant work out how to continue the lining as I add the next pieces…..my poor old brain just cant fathom it out. I was wondering if you could help me with a solution.

    I am enjoying Tast again, and after months of poor health and no energy I am much better and on a roll.

    Hope you can understand what I described about joining up the sets of pieces and lining them.

    kind regards,

    Shirley (Maggie Maguire on Facebook)

  2. Hi Sharon,
    As I checked my emails and came to your pin tangle – ahhh lovely- I was reminded of Christopher Robins ditty ‘ I could spend a happy hour seeing Eyore’ . Mind you I’m not saying you remind me of Eyire, only how lovely to spend time in your wonder ful world of stashes 3m linen samples stitches dyed silks etc. I have about 5 projects to do – I’ve finished my little crocheted scarf – before I head back to my embroidery
    It was a happy hour just looking at your gorgeous work. Thank you.


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