Hand Embroidery band sampler details 741-744

hand embroidery band sampler detail 741I have some more details from long band sampler which I would like to share with readers. If you are new to Pintangle this band sampler is 96 feet long or 29.38 meters- anyway its long ( you dont want to have iron it…) but it is only 6 inches wide and is made up of strips of fabric that have been joined together. If you want to know more about it you can read about it on my Sampler FAQ page.

Band 741 is very simple as it is 2 rows of Cretan stitch worked in silk buttonhole twist thread that is about the same thickness as cotton perle #5.  Technically it is a type of alternating Cretan stitch as one side of the stitch  is longer than the other.  I worked the two rows and added beads in a line down the middle.

hand embroidery band sampler detail 742

Band 742 is an experiment with threaded running stitch. Working in cotton perle #5 I stacked 3 lines of running stitch and then laced the apricot chainette through it before adding bagel beads.

hand embroidery band sampler detail 743Band 743 is another experiment with threaded running stitch. I worked 2 lines of running stitch in  cotton perle #5 before lacing it with a fine metallic yarn.

hand embroidery band sampler detail 744

Needlework sampler section 51 e

The last band is another example of a little journal element on my sampler. I recorded the Christchurch earthquake using a cotton perle #8 thread I worked the letters in back stitch. My daughter had lived and studied in Christchurch for 3 years at the Circus school there so I felt a connection to the city.

These close up details of my hand embroidery sampler are part of an on going series of articles. The thumbnail on the left is  the section of the sampler where these band appear. If you are interested in this section of the band sampler you can read about it here


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