Crazy Quilt Block 99

Crazy Quilt Block 99

Crazy Quilt Block 99


  1. I have just fallen in a rosebush – rather grabbed the climbing Gertrude Jekyll to stop my fall and fell onto a planter trough full of roses, it’s all right – landed on padding (my bottom)….no one around to snap a picture, thank goodness! Came inside to grab a cuppa and doctor my hand and now I’m practising my chain stitch (I am teaching myself to cross stitch and embroider – I am rubbish, by the way). I think your crazy quilt patch is glorious and I want to do something like it…how pretty is that dragonfly?and the lace that you made to look like butterflies…and the flowers – love the colours. I will practise harder/more often….very inspiring. Much appreciated. Gail

  2. Sharon, I have been stalking your work for years!! You inspired me to make two crazy quilts that are GORGEOUS! It’s been awhile since I hand stitched. I’m real rusty on my stitches. What do you suggest? How do I get good again Quick? Ha!

    Your stitching on this block, ALL of your blocks, is BEAUTIFUL. Thank you for sharing your knowledge through this website.

    Love from the Northeast Georgia Mountains in the USA

    Mary Rounds

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