Feather and Chain stitch

Feather and Chain stitch

Many stitches can be combined to create new stitches and Feather and Chain stitch is an interesting instance of this. The stitch is a combination of chain and feather stitch. If you are a beginner you will need to know both stitches. Follow the links if you need a refresher as both of these stitches are online in my stitch dictionary.

In this variation, you work the first half of the V formation in feather stitch and then you work the second half in chain stitch. I worked the step-by-step demonstration in DMC 5 pearl thread on Aida cloth.

How to work Feather and Chain stitch

Step 1

Work from top to bottom.  Start by working two feather stitches on the diagonal.

Step 2

Insert your needle at the base of the second feather stitch and wrap the thread under your needle (as you do for Chain Stitch) .

Step 3

Pull your needle through and the thread will form a chain stitch.

Step 4

Continue with feather stitch moving towards the right side of the row.

Step 5

Work down the row working the second feather stitch.

Feather and Chain stitch

Continue this pattern until the row of stitches is complete.

There are many possibilities with this combination. For instance, you can vary the length of the chain stitch or work rows back-to-back. You can adapt many of the variations of both chain stitch and feather stitch which can lead to further explorations and fun. Variations on variations which lead to creating interesting effects.

I hope you enjoy this stitch!

Floral-themed Stitchers templates for hand embroiderers

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templates set 3

The set comes with an e-book with instructions and is filled with patterns and designs that you can create and use as jumping-off spots for your own designs.

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Enjoy your stitching!

Enjoy your stitching!


  1. Hi Sharon B
    Please would you send me your continued stitches from week 13 of the Beyond TAST . I receive your emails for the TAST stitch every week but cannot get on your email list for Beyond TAST. I started on your fantastic stitch journey at the beginning of the year and am enjoying it very much.
    Thank you from Sharon S in Jersey in the Channel Islands in the U.K.

    1. Sharon – Beyond TAST is in the same email as TAST just click through to the website and scroll down – the Beyond stitch is directly below – hope this helps

  2. I just love crazy patch and embroidery. Your templates are a great idea. However there are a lot of left handed embroiderers, we struggle to turn instructions around to produce a stitch. Instructions for left and right would be gold.

    Lesley purcell

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