May 2021 edition of the Crazy Quilt magazine

May 2021 edition of the Crazy Quilt magazine

cover of magazineThe May 2021 edition of the Crazy Quilt magazine has been out a week or so and since the issue focuses on the 2020 challenge I wanted to set aside a good block of time to read it from cover to cover! So that is what I did – and I am pleased I took my time over it. So what is in it?

When Lisa Boni said she wanted to focus on the 2020 challenge I had not realised that the whole issue would be devoted to it! Needless to say I really enjoyed close scrutiny of some of the delightful 2020 projects people stitched.

An interesting start to my afternoon reading, is a Tips and Tricks article where CQ Magazine asked Allie Aller, Mary Anne Griffin, Betty Pillsbury and Wilma van Wagensveld About how they approached large projects. Questions such as how they found inspiration for, and planned a large project, questions about stitching on a regular basis and how they stayed motivated when working a large project. This last question is a huge issue for people who fear a large UFO. If I am not careful my own 2020 project will become just that! It is always interesting the read about how people plan and execute large projects.

Reading about BJ Sandusky’s 2020 challenge quilt, His Story in Stars was very interesting. For people who have never worked such a large project, BJ has shared how she set about researching, designing, managing such a project and recording what she did.

I was totally delighted with Diane Wilson’s article as it demonstrates how a CQ beginner can take on a large project and succeed.

Kathy Kacprowicz demonstrated another way to approach a large project as she has a theme for each of her blocks. The article highlights how Kathy features the unusual on her blocks adding text and items such as clothing labels.

Sue Mohr first thought the idea of a 2020 quilt was just that crazy! But eventually the idea got under her skin enough for her to attempt the challenge. Sue enjoyed the process so much she is now considering another crazy quilt, because she has accumulated more stash so I guess we had better watch out for that

Sharon Peters tackled the 2020 challenge by controling here colour range as she had accumulated neutral toned items when the 2020 challenge caught her eye. Sharon managed to finish her quilt within the year! Quite a feat. Not only that after completing the quilt she made a fabric book of the samples!

Shaula Patton is another crazy quilter who worked with an autobiographical theme. Shaula’s quilt is made up of blocks with topics such as places visited, gardening, music, technology, and sewing. One of the reasons I love crazy quilting there is always another technique to learn or idea to try. Interestingly, Shaula points out how much she experimented with both stitch and technique in the process learning or improving on many skills.

I love the fact that Barbara Warner took on the 2020 challenge to celebrate reaching 80 and that making the quilt was a great creative adventure. Blocks were themed around Barbaras interests. I think I am going to follow in Barbaras footsteps make myself a quilt when I am 80 too!

Anyone who has done crazy quilting for a while or has attempted the 2020 challenge understands how it is important to keep supplies organised and stored properly. Nicky Seavy has a good article on storing Crazy quilting supplies sharing photos of her storage systems.

Finally Tracie Tillman shares the story of how she acquired and enjoys an extraordinary heirloom crazy quilt.

What is fascinating about each of these women is how they approached the challenge, structured ideas and themes, tracked what they were doing and finished the quilt. The issue is a fascinating look at how large hand made projects are managed in a busy age. When you think about it, creating a large quilt covered in hand embroidery is a massive undertaking and everyone who has done this should not only be congratulated but celebrated too. Needless to say I loved this issue and feel more that inspired to get to and finish my own 2020 quilt. It may take me until 2025 and therefore be a 2025 quilt!

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  1. Your coverage of the magazine’s content has made me want to go find a copy to buy, even though I am not a crazy quilter. Thank you for the in depth reporting on the issue.

    Bernadette Houghton
  2. Congratulations on being the inspiration for a whole magazine! It just goes to prove how many of us there are who love crazy patch doesn’t it.
    Following on from my 2020 effort, I made a crazy patch bag in shades of blue, heavily embellished with embroidery and beading on the seams only. I donated it to my spinning club for our annual silent auction, and the winning bid was $56.00. The lady who got it was very excited and now wants me to teach her the basics so that she can “Have a go at it” as she put it.
    All I can say is thanks to you, my quilt kept me entertained and happy while we were locked in last year, and the bag was something to follow up with as I felt at a bit of a loose end afterwards. Now for the next project!

    Joan Flynn
  3. Thank you for getting me to finally start my crazy quilt. I have ordered the magazine as I know it will have inspiration in it. I am also in need of good organization for my crazy embellishments. I have enough to make about 10 large quilts but only the items that “catch my eye” at the time will go in a particular place. Your book is at my side along with others but yours is used the most. I am having the time of my life with these blocks. A friend told me that of all the crazy quilts she has seen and made, mine is the most beautiful.

    Judy Powell

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