Couronne or Hedebo Sticks available

Couronne or Hedebo Sticks available

hedebo stickJust a quick heads up as we were asked if Jerry could turn some Couronne sticks. Some people know them as Hedebo sticks. So we decided to try some in the shop. They are not huge bulky things but are a bit thicker than a thick marker or fountain pen. This means they are a delight to use as they sit in the hand comfortably. They don’t dig in. I know I will be using mine more!

Couronne stick or couronne stickThey have five steps ranging from 12mm to 5mm. Also since they are 5.5 inches (140mm) long they fit into any sewing box.

Our Couronne/Hedebo Sticks are handcrafted with care from the finest sustainably grown Australian and international plantation timber.

Check them out here in our shop.


  1. Hi Sharon The second email has not come thru. I have had this problem with Hot mail before. I do have a gmail account that I use as well when this happens. It is strange as your two previous reply emails are coming through.

    Kerry Gadd
  2. Hi Sharon I have just seen your post on the hedebo sticks.. Any luck with the “half shoes” as well ??
    Just my luck!! I went to your shop and it says sold out ? If Jerry makes any more could you please put my name on one

    Kerry Gadd
      1. Hi Sharon I’ve checked my boxes and don’t seem to have the email you sent except the one telling me you have ? sent one.. I’ll keep an eye out. Thanks Kerry

        Kerry Gadd
  3. Hi Sharon. Would there be any chance of a half hedebo stick. That is – one rounded side and the other flat, ungrooved so it can be held flat against a project to make a 3D shape. I have seen them but cannot seem to find out where to get one. I want to use it for stump work and in my wool embroidery. Thanks

  4. Hi Sharon, this is an intriguing tool. I spent a good hour or so online today, trying to finding information or a tutorial for making the rings, with no luck so far. In the meantime, it looks like your current stock sold out I’ll keep a look out for new stock. And also look forward to your tutorial whenever/if you can manage it. Thanks for all your wonderful, inspiring posts/newsletters. Little sparks of joy and uplift each time

      1. Great to hear, Sharon. But no pressure … you know us hand crafters, we wait patiently and appreciatively our every new gizmo and tutorial
        All in good time . Hoping all is well with you and yours xx

    1. Joy Brigitte and Laurie – you make freestanding rings with them that you can use in both traditional needlelace techniques and contemporary freeform techniques. When I have time I so a tutorial but basically you make rings with them I like combining the rings in my textual free form embroidery.


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