On the Hoop

On the Hoop

flower embroidery white on blue on a hoop
Regular readers might have noticed things have been a bit quiet for a few weeks. There has been activity in the background as I have been working on a surprise. I am currently exploring what can be stitched from my next set of templates.

Flower embroidery white on blue

Yes! Another set is in the process of being manufactured. This set aims to help you design your own floral bands, motifs and wreaths. The set has numerous petal and leaf shapes that can be teamed with stem lines that are the sides of the templates. Hence the wobbly shape.  Anyway I thought I would share some of my experiments with you. I seem to be going through a blue phase! These motifs are designed with the new set. I am having a lot of fun with them. I don’t know why I did not do this before!

flower embroidery on a hoopWhen will they be available? Hopefully in a couple of weeks so watch this space!


    1. Rebecca I will be announcing them here so if you already subscribe you will hear about it but I have taken a note of your email address and I can email you when they are available if you want me to.

  1. I watched the water soluble iron on stabilizer project and loved it.. I do not have a sewing machine and was wondering if there was an alternative to machine sewing for this project..??

    Ronni Howard
    1. HI Ronnie you could do it by hand but you need to stitch over and over as its the stitching that becomes the fabric. But if you had the patience for that it would make a very slow stitch project!

  2. What a tease! They look phenomenal! I have and love your CQ Stitchers Templates Set 1 and 2. I am presently using them with a Sewline mechanical chalk pencil, to vastly improve my embroidery embellishment of a Quilt As You Go tote bag that I am sewing. Look forward to set #3, will there be an idea eBook with them?

    Marianne Squire-Maszer

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