New set of templates on a floral theme available

New set of templates on a floral theme available

Exciting news this morning!

I have a new set of templates available. This set is designed around a floral theme. It is spring here in Australia so that is quite appropriate! The fun with this set is that you can combine petal and leaf shapes with the curved edges of the templates to create all sorts of floral and organic motifs. You can combine these in different ways to create hundreds of different patterns to embroider. It is the ultimate mix and match fun for stitchers. My aim is to make it fun to explore designing your own motifs in a non threatening way. It helps non-designers become designers.

embroidery and templates in a basketThis is a four piece set which I have designed with hand embroidery in mind. As with my other templates they are transparent so you can position them in place before you trace the design to fabric. They easy to use, and will stimulate your creativity.

They are the same size as my other templates so fit easily into your workbox. They are not huge awkward things that mean you store them elsewhere. I find if I have something new to use it is easy to play with it for a bit but then if I put it away it is easily forgotten. But if I have that new thing in my sewing box I find I use it and incorporate using it into my process. It becomes natural and unforced. So these fit in your workbox, and because they are sitting there looking at you hopefully you are more likely to pick them up and use them.

embroidery and templates on deskUsing them is easy. Build floral wreaths, flowing sprays, motifs for corners or simple little bunches of flowers. Just position the template in place and, holding it firmly with one hand, so that it does not shift, use a quilter’s pencil, air disappearing or water dissolvable pens to mark the shape. Build up these shapes into floral motifs. I have a video that demonstrates how to use them.

ebook pagesAlso the set comes with an e-book with instructions and filled with patterns and designs that you can create. These designs are only the start of what is possible. The ebook is to give you ideas and once you start playing with these I am sure you will think of many more designs! Here is a sneak peek inside the ebook.

ebook pagesI am excited about this set and of course they can be combined with my other templates.

They are available now in the shop here

Enjoy your stitching!



  1. Sharon, I am so excited that I was able to order my third set of your CQ stitching templates before they sell out! I also ordered a Purple Rain Threads Twistie, your twisties are magnificent. Can’t wait to receive them. Enjoy your Spring! Thank you…

    Marianne Squire-Maszer

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