Free Art Nouveau patterns online

Free Art Nouveau patterns online

I am sure many of my readers will enjoy these copyright-free Art Nouveau patterns that I discovered on the Internet Archive website. It is a collection of patterns put together by Franciska Ruessink simply titled Art Nouveau collection 23 . I always enjoy looking out for freebies I think everyone does! Even if I never stitch them they often inspire other stitcheries or ideas for projects. They stimulate the creative juices.

I particularly love designs from the Art Nouveau period. I thought I would share a few screenshots of what you will find in this online resource. This collection is laid out with an illustration at the front of the book and a 4-30 page full design printed at the end of the book.

Free Art Nouveau patterns 2

Here’s an example

So for something like poppies, they have a page at the front of the book. In the top left-hand corner is a number 1904_14 then the number of stitches across and down — in this case, it is 244 x 188 stitches. Then you have to find the pattern in the back of the book.

Free Art Nouveau patterns grid 2

In this case, you will find the patterns from page 205 to page 222. So the design is printed out over 17 pages which is great because it makes it easy to see! The DMC thread colour recommendation is on page 223.

Free Art Nouveau patterns 3

Here’s another illustration of what is available. The border design on the right can be found on pages 244 to 255 with the thread colour recommendations on page 256.

Free Art Nouveau patterns grid 3

This last design is worked in a single colour dark thread. I found it very striking!

Free Art Nouveau pattern 1

You can find the design on pages 326 to 346 of the collection.

Free Art Nouveau patterns grid 1

You can download the free Art Nouveau patterns in the  Art Nouveau collection 23  by Franciska Ruessink here

The internet archive offers a number of different download options so check out the page to see which you need. I hope you enjoy them.

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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to alert your readers to publications like the Art Nouveau pattern book. Those of us who do not regularly explore the Internet’s offerings greatly appreciate your posts.

    Bernadette Houghton

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