New Crazy Quilting bead soup Mixes for Crazy Quilters!

New Crazy Quilting bead soup Mixes for Crazy Quilters!


I have created another type of bead soup mix. My Crazy Quilting bead soup mixes are made for crazy quilters. They contain novelty beads that can be used to embellish crazy quilt blocks. Use them to add texture to your designs and apply feature beads to add emphasis and lead the eye around a crazy quilt block.

As with my other bead soups, they are put together in colourways. You can easily match the colour to your crazy quilt blocks. The beads that are in this Crazy Quilting bead soup mix are better suited for stitching on fabric, rather than for making jewellery. In selecting the beads, I have focused on adding beads with interesting shapes or features that suit crazy quilting.

Most bead soup mixes on the market are 50 gms, whereas ours are 100 gms making them ideal for a small project. The beads are also photographed against a ruler so you can see the size of the beads and the sort of quantity you’ll receive. My Crazy Quilting bead soup is great value with lots of variety to inspire your creativity.

Of Course I still sell my bead soup for contemporary embroiderers. Check out the product description of each mix as all bead mixes say which is which and of course there are the photographs!

Bead Soup

Bead Soup

Add zing to your embroidery with Sharon’s bead soup! Check them out in the Pintangle Shop. These bead soups are not for jewelry, I’ve selected the beads specifically for use in creative embroidery and for working in an encrusted embroidery style. The types and sizes of beads are better suited for stitching to fabric, rather than for making jewelry. With the exception of a few feature beads that you can stitch to fabric as a point of emphasis, there are not many large beads in this mix.


  1. Hi Sharon – seem to be having a problem with the 6 strand floss. It wants to either tangle – (shortened amount already) it wants to tangle or bulk up? Other types work fine – so thought maybe you had a trick or two up your sleeve!! Thanks

    Charlene Smith
    1. HI Charlene if the thread bulks up you fabric might be the problem ie have a high thread count in the weave which means you cant use it on that fabric. Normally people use 2 or 3 strands. Another tip is if threads tangle too much I run the thread over bees wax I hope this helps as there is nothing worse.


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