Crazy quilting sample large


  1. Sharon,

    Your embellishing and design are beautiful, and the vivid colors bring your crazy quilt to life! You are so creative and use a great many beautifully varied combined stitches. I am guessing that artistic mind of yours is always at work creating new design combinations!

    About the magenta half doily that you have tucked into your motif, what is your practice in keeping the stitches from unraveling before you are able to secure it to your quilt? I have seen countless handmade laces (crochet, knit, etc.) cut and pieced into gorgeous works like yours, but I have yet to learn how it is done without losing valuable stitches. Do you used some type of strong, permanent textile adhesive on the area where you will be cutting once the glue is dry? Would this hold all the raw stitches intact? Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful work! Many blessings to you and yours, as well as all your endeavors,

    Mizz Magee

    Mizz Magee
    1. Mizz I just cut and include the raw edge inside the seams as I add this sort of thing as I piece each block. Since it is inside the seam it does not unravel. I never use glue on any textile.


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