Hussif-doily-450Waving frantically with a big silly grin on my face to let folks know things are quiet here while I working a book on Crazy quilting. Yes it’s true, progress is being made and I have an even sillier grin on my face sharing that news. Thanks everyone for emails and messages but all is well.

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For me this quilt steals the show

Beginning-True-by-Sue-de-VannyCarmen Z of Stitch Robbin has shared her impressions of the 2015 quilt exhibition at the Australian Quilt Convention. This year the challenge was “True Blue”

Who could not resist this quilt titled Beginning True by Sue de Vanny. For me this quilt which received an Honourable Mention would have been the show winner.

For me Cute rules!

If you have not discovered Carmen’s Stitch Robbin it is a blog worth following as she shares some really interesting textiles on her site.

Also you can see some of the quilts on the Australian Quilt Convention website