Charge your phone while shopping

This environmental consciousness solar powered hand bag looks like it is covered  in contemporary beading.

Normally the solar panels are a single flexible thin sheet but the designers of the DIFFUS Solar Handbag have 100 smaller solar cells on the bags surface. These look like fashionable oversized sequins.

The bag is integrated with solar cells so you can charge your mobile phone or laptop while out and about.

Read about the design process and philosophy on the Diffus blog and details are on the Diffus design website.

Thanks to Giz Mag for the link

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2 Responses to Charge your phone while shopping

  1. Sharon B says:

    Hi Faith – yes they are an interesting design company. I wish I knew how they did it too!

  2. Faith says:

    Cool. Did you see the embroidered light dress? I wish they had more information about how it works. Not sure if I like the circuit board circle on her back, but it sure beats beads and sequins if you want to sparkle! (I need to show my 'glittery' sister!)

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