How to make Gift Boxes from Paper tutorial

I have been poking around You Tube again and found a few tutorials that might be handy this time of year.

This tutorial demonstrates how you can make Paper Gift Boxes from gift wrap, recycled greeting cards or decorated paper. It is a unique way to wrap a gift!

Friday freebies is a regular series in which I highlight free resources online, free patterns and links that are of interest to fiber folks.  All posts in the series are in the  Friday Freebie category I hope you enjoy them.

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2 Responses to How to make Gift Boxes from Paper tutorial

  1. margb says:

    Since commenting I have added my effort to my blog – thanks for bringing this to my attention again, Sharon.

  2. margb says:

    These are great little boxes – I have made a few over the years – fabric (especially nice with handdyed) can be vliesofixed to the cardboard before cutting out and voila! one of a kind!

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