Up and Down Feathered Buttonhole Stitch

Up and Down Feathered Buttonhole stitch is an ideal stitch to use for thorny stem in floral spray. This is a stitch I often use and I think most embroiderers and crazy quilters will particularly enjoy as it makes marvellous twiggy bits particularly if you treat them in an improvisational manner. Up and Down Feathered Buttonhole sampleA feathery line of twin stitches is created and at first glance it looks like knotted feather stitch but it is not, as the knot is flat to the fabric and quite neat. To understand the workings of Up and Down Feathered Buttonhole you need to know Up and Down buttonhole and feather stitch as this a combination of the two stitches. Each stitch of the pair is separate step. The bar at the base of each pair of stitches adds extra texture to the line but is flat to the fabric. It looks complex but is an amazingly versatile stitch. Up and Down Feathered Buttonhole sample Since it is a variation of buttonhole stitch easily worked on many types of fabrics and is just as effective when worked along a straight line or following a curve. Up and Down Feathered Buttonhole sample

How to work Up and Down Feathered Buttonhole Stitch

Before working this stitch be familiar with feather stitch, and up and down buttonhole stitch. (Follow the links for a tutorial if you need a refresher) When working this stitch it is useful to imagine 3 parallel lines. Work from top to bottom UP and Down feather stitch directionsBring the needle out at the top of the line to be worked. Insert the needle to the right, and have it emerge from the fabric in the middle and below these two points, so that when the thread is wrapped under the needle it makes a V shape. Up and Down Feathered Buttonhole directionsWith the thread under the needle and take the needle through the fabric. This first V shape creates the first part of the tied pairs of stitches. For the second stitch of the pair,  take the needle through the fabric, point the needle in an outward direction. See the illustration and note where the needle point is. In other words point the needle outwards and upwards. Up and Down Feathered Buttonhole directionsWrap the working  thread under the needle at the top. Pull the needle through the fabric. As you do this hold down the loop that forms with the left thumb to prevent it slipping.  Up and Down Feathered Buttonhole directions This loop forms the bar at the base of both stitches. This forms the first pair of tied stitches. Up and Down Feathered Buttonhole directionsInsert the needle a little to the right and almost on the same level as the knot. Make a small stitch in a downward motion  that is angled so that the needle point appears on the centre line. Keeping the thread under the needle point (as you would with regular feather stitch), pull the thread through the fabric to make a V shape which is the first part of next pair of stitches. Up and Down Feathered Buttonhole directions Once again turn the needle in the opposite direction and wrap the thread under the needle. Up and Down Feathered Buttonhole directions Up and Down Feathered Buttonhole directionsPull the needle through the fabric and hold down the loop that forms with the left thumb to prevent it slipping. Work these movements alternatively down the line. As you can see by the samples I have included there are lots of ways of creating variety with this stitch. Once you have the rhythm of the stitch it is easy and quick to do. I hope you enjoy up and down feathered buttonhole.

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21 Responses to Up and Down Feathered Buttonhole Stitch

  1. mary stevens says:

    I am so excited about Sharon b’s up & down feather stitches with beads & or buttons. Thank you for the real photos of the stitch in progress.

  2. radermacher catherine says:

    Hello. Your embroderies are verry nice. I’m biginner and would like to lurn. Is it possible to may recive your news letters? Many thanks for your answer. Best regards. CathyBelgique.

  3. I am behind with my stitching but have now got this one posted.

  4. Good evening – I up to date finally. Yea!!!!

    Here is my sample.


    http://theworkingneedleandpen.wordpress.com/2013/04/14/sunday-14-april-2013-2/ ?

  5. HI Sharon,
    I tried some stitch combinations on my stitch sampler here-
    Thank you,

  6. Hello
    I am very late but here are my little samples for the 55, 56 and 57 stitches:
    Thank you

  7. Kay Warner says:

    Hi, I’ve been working a few of the TAST stitches, but I’ve been a bit vague lately and I forgot to post on here!

  8. Barbara says:

    Really like this stitch! Another section of the sample done.
    P.S I don’t know if my challenge has been posted
    here are my 4 stitches choice:
    Sorry, Sharon, but if I have duplicated the link, please delete it

  9. Hi Sharon,
    The post on old up and down feather stitch sampler is on my blog-
    Thank you,

  10. Angela says:

    This is an interesting looking stitch. I gave it a go at http://princessbubblescreates.blogspot.ca/

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