Work in Progress Wednesday Block 42 done!

Block 42 doneYay doing a happy dance as holding off on working the hussif means I  have completed block 42 and with that folks … drum roll …. I have all the blocks I need for a quilt!

Oh those words looks so insignificant on the screen but they mean a lot and I am doing more than a simple happy dance. I have to assemble the quilt which I will do but not until life settles a bit (mainly because I take over the dining room to do it)  but the blocks are all made now.

If you click on the photo you will be take to a page that displays a larger photo.

It is in strong colours and similar to block 41. After doing so many blocks in muted colours I enjoyed working these last two blocks.

Once again I used up and down buttonhole feather stitch and added detached chain stitches, and cast on stitch flowers.

Up and down feather stitch on Block 42

I also got a heck of a kick making these button tassels. I worked a zig zag line of chain stitch (marked out using my stencils) then added detached chain stitches and straight stitches on all the peaks and valleys. I next added blue buttons in the spaces between the peaks and valleys and  then went to town with the beads. it was fun!

Button tassels on block 42

The Hussif challenge 

This challenge starts next week but if you have some news about your project feel free to share it here.

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16 Responses to Work in Progress Wednesday Block 42 done!

  1. Barbara M says:

    Well done, Sharon. I am so glad you’ve completed all your blocks and look forward to seeing the finished quilt!
    Barbara M

  2. Beth in IL says:

    I have decided to stop allowing so many projects to languish in my basement. Elizabeth I is my current WIP. Here is a link to her:
    Thanks for encouraging this. Maybe I will be able to get a crazy quilt done one of these years.

  3. Renee says:

    Woo-Hoo! What a feeling of accomplishment! Your blocks are so pretty. It will be wonderful to see them put together in a quilt!

    I have had my hand in too many skillets, so-to-speak, this month, so my progress on my “Dream” block has been slow. However, it is progress… Here is a link:

    Have a great week!

  4. Oh, well done! So, what’s the next job? I’ve never made a quilt (unless you count a tiny baby one I did years ago – certainly nothing like yours), so I’m a bit clueless as to how it works.

    I’ve been getting on with a little more on my own WIPW project and here’s the link for the week:

    I’m watching ‘A Year in Provence’ and thinking of your French adventures. Have you seen it?=)

    • sharonb says:

      Fancy that I am re-reading ‘A Year in Provence’ and wanting to retire there! (thats a dream not a real possibility)
      As to the quilt, I will blog the process as I did with my diamond quilt but it does mean I have to take over the dining room for a few weeks so I am waiting for a few clear weeks to do it.

  5. Janie says:

    Hi Sharon, I like this WIP Wednesday, it is inspiring. I added a few things to my sewing kit. Venice lace, beads to chevrons and beads to some french knots. This WIP helps me with my perspective, to relax with the process.

  6. Elizabeth Leson says:

    Question regarding hussif: Is there any size restriction? Am thinking of something I could leave home with, with all in one place. Too big??

    • sharonb says:

      Elizabeth no size restriction at all – I am thinking of adding a larger bag to mine so I can fit a project with it and take it to the local embroiderers guild meetings (we all stitch at the meeting). I have also decided I really want to use it as sort of sampler of techniques that can be used in CQ so my project is expanding too – I think you need to design what fits for your sewing habits

  7. Angela says:

    I love the beads on this piece! You can see my progress at

  8. Andy LW says:

    That is stunning, Sharon. I think you’ve saved the best till last!

  9. Allie Aller says:

    HUGE congratulations, Sharon! Happy Dancing along with you here in Washington State!

  10. Annet says:

    Congrats on finishing the last block for your quilt! It’s a beauty, love the tassels at the buttons.

    Not much progress on my fabric book this week:

  11. queeniepatch says:

    Beautiful tassels, and of course the cast on stitch flowers!
    My WIPW report on unpicking is here:

  12. Pamela says:

    Beautiful block! I look forward to seeing them all together.

    I have begun working on my hussif, but just barely, so I’ll wait until next week to show my start on it.

    I have been working on the queen and my progress on her is here:


  13. A little more progress on my piece. I seem to be very slow.
    I have put my progress on my blog.
    Have a good week.


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