Just a quick heads up

For those registered for the sumptuous surfaces class mid week I emailed everyone with a class invitaiton to join the group. So you should have yours. If not (usually it means it has gone to the spam box) please contact me so we make sure you can sign in and get your class materials.

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22 Responses to Just a quick heads up

  1. Judy Mazey says:

    Hi Sharon, I didn’t receive the email either. I’ve checked everywhere but it’s not there.

  2. stephanie martin says:

    Sharon – my invitation hasn’t come through either; would appreciate it being re-sent (removed for privacy) Looking forward to the class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Annette says:

    Hi Sharon, I did not get an email from you. would you please send me it again 🙂

    greetings from annette

  4. Jude says:

    I have not received an invitation.


  5. Faye says:

    Would if I could but alas I can’t ,so to all that are doing the class have fun

  6. kathy smirti says:

    Hi, I have not rec’d your email. Please resend to my gmail address. thanks, kathy

  7. Dont have the mail jet

  8. Beth (aka Seaeagle) says:

    Once again I have not seen the email for the class

  9. leilani says:

    Didn’t get the email and it’s not in my junk email folder. Please resend. Thanks.

    PS: Really looking forward to this!

  10. Jennifer Hancock says:

    I did not receive the invitation to the group. Do I need a yahoo email address? I had one years ago but no invitation came to it.

  11. elayne alexander says:

    Hi Sharon,
    I haven’t received my log in info yet for the sumptuous class. I have checked all my in boxes and nothing shows up. Can you get me started? Thank you. elayne

  12. Hi Sharon,
    I received the class invitation, Thank you for checking.

  13. Ingrid Strixner says:

    Dear Sharon,

    I didn’t get my invitation. Probably it is about my email adress for paypal (istrixner@t-online.de) is different to my email adress with which I follow your block (istrixner@istrixner.de). In my spam box I didn’t find any message from you.
    Would you please try it again an take the one you prefer?
    I thank you,

    my best regards


  14. Judy Carlson says:

    Hi Sharon,
    I did not receive a invitation from you. I checked my spam folder and nothing in there either. I signed up last Dec.
    I am looking forward to this class!

  15. Sandy Campbell-Smith says:

    Dear Sharon

    I have not had your invitation email, and just found this one in my spam. I don’t have a paypal account and use the email in the box above, perhaps this is why your email hasn’t reached me.

    Looking forward to the invitation,



  16. Holly Thompson says:

    Sharon – I’m signed up for the class, but haven’t received anything. Could you please send to hollyt@austin.rr.com?

    Hugs from Holly

  17. Jayne Slovick says:

    I didn’t get the notice for the sumptuous class…..

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