Free Hand embroidery design of heart and flowers

Free Hand embroidery design of heart and flowers

Free Hand embroidery pattern of heart and flowersToday, I have a free hand-embroidery design of a heart and flowers. It is offered as a little gift to my readers. I have been playing with Illustrator recently and this is one of the designs I created. I guess I should be handing out a design more appropriate for the holiday season but this is what came out of my mouse. My excuse is that it is spring here in Australia, and I have flowers on the brain. Messy and socially embarrassing,  as people have been avoiding me in the street, but ever since releasing the last set of templates it is true ;-).  Seriously, I thought you might like this little design.

Free hand embroidery design of heart and flowers stitch ideas

This pattern is suitable for stitchers of all levels. You can use any of the outline stitches to define the design. Stitches, such as Stem stitch, Chain stitch, Back stitch, Whipped Back stitch, Whipped Chain. If you want more textured lines you could use Cable chain to define the heart shape.  Coral stitch or Wrapped Coral stitch, and Portuguese Stem Stitch are three more textured linear stitches that you could use. A stitch I love to play with and use to define an outline, is Palestrina stitch as it produces a neat knotted line. If you want to fill in areas like the flower petals leaves and band at the top of the heart use Satin stitch or Padded Satin stitch to fill in the shapes. For the circles that are the center of the flowers you could use Buttonhole wheels. If you need a refresher on any of these stitches follow the links to the tutorials in my Stitch Dictionary. These suggestions are just ideas. I am sure you can find creative ways to interpret the design in hand embroidery.

Here is a link to the Pdf file. The pdf has the design in 3 different sizes. If these sizes are not quite what you want you, right click to down load the image. You can resize the hand embroidery design of heart and flowers in your graphics program.

If you need to know how I would transfer this pattern to fabric, I have a tutorial on how to transfer embroidery designs to fabric.

Feel free to use the hand embroidery design of heart and flowers on items you make for yourself or even for charity stalls etc Please if you want to hand on the patterns to a friend please point your friend to Pintangle. For other website owners you may not republish them online, as that is not in the spirit of sharing. Please link to Pintangle do not re-publish.
Anyway enjoy!


Floral themed Stitchers templates for hand embroiderers

With this set of stitchers templates you can create your own floral themed designs. You can easily combine petal and leaf shapes with the curved template edges to create all sorts of floral and organic motifs. You will be able to create hundreds of different patterns to embroider. It is the ultimate mix and match fun for stitchers.

The set comes with an e-book with instructions and filled with patterns and designs that you can create and use as jumping off spots for your own designs.

They are available now in the shop here

Enjoy your stitching!



  1. Hi Sharon, such a pretty little design. I love hearts and i look forward to using this one. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with the people you love most

    Joan Flynn
  2. Thank you Sharon for the Heart and Flower design. I’ll be working on some heart pieces to hang from my Holiday Tree I change for each holiday, after the first of the 2022 year!

  3. What a lovely surprise! Thank you for the unexpected gift; it will make a nice block (or two, three or more) on any of the patchwork quilts that I sew for family or charity. It looks like it will make up quickly even at my snail’s pace of embroidering.

  4. I like your heart & flower design. At the speed I am able to embroidery, it would be Valentine’s Day by the time I completed it. 🙂 Besides, love is not bound by holidays.


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