How to hand embroider Beaded Vandyke stitch

Beaded Vandyke stitch as the name suggests is a beaded version of the very popular Vandyke stitch. If you need  to jog your memory directions on how to work it are here. Regular Vandyke stitch is often used as a border which means the beaded version would make a nice edging on projects. The bead is added during the stitching process. Use a size 26 tapestry needle. Since the eye of a tapestry needle is long you can thread perle #8 and Perle #5 through the long eye. However the needle itself is thin which means you can add a bead to your working thread as you stitch.

How to work Beaded Vandyke Stitch

Work Beaded Vandyke Stitch from top to bottom, between two invisible lines. Mark your fabric with a disappearing pen or pencil if you need a guide. While stitching a bead is added every second stitch, keep your tension slightly loose, so that the centre line will form nicely.

Beaded Vandyke stitch 1The first stitch is regular Vandyke stitch as illustrated. If you need a reminder follow the link to a tutorial.

Bring your needle out on the left hand side or the line a little below the first stitch and thread a bead on your thread. Continue making a Vandyke stitch.

Beaded Vandyke stitch 2Make another regular Vandyke stitch and then created a beaded Vandyke stitch and continue in this manner down the line.

Beaded Vandyke stitch 3I have  experimented with this a little and you can add beads at various stages of working the stitch as you can see by this sample. The thread is cotton perle #5 and each bar has 2 seed beads on it. I liked how the beads tensioned the central line.

Beaded Vandyke stitch 4
I hope you enjoy experimenting with this stitch as I am sure it holds lots of possibilities in contemporary hand embroidery.

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17 Responses to How to hand embroider Beaded Vandyke stitch

  1. Maureen says:

    I had another try at the Bullion van Dyke stitch by changing which side the bullion lays and, for me, it worked better.

  2. queeniepatch says:

    I found it impossible to tame these two stitches!
    Also I would like to know which is #116 and #117. On the list at TAST FAQ they are different from on the post.

  3. Maureen says:

    I posted my versions of Nos.116 and 117 at

    I sympathize with Carol H in un-frogging bullions as I was doing the same in my endeavour to keep them upright.

  4. Annet says:

    Today I shared my finished CQ with TAST stitch 49, 102 and 105:

  5. Carol Harper says:

    Here is mine,. Extremely wonky, but then, anything I do with bullion stitch seems to be wonky. I’m beginning to think my fingers are too large and clumsy to handle the twists around the needle effectively.

  6. Hi Sharon,
    I tried a few samples of beaded Vandyke stitch here-
    Thank you,

  7. Kathy Shuput says:

    A really nice stitch. I am sure I will use it. Is there anyway to print these stitches, instead of trying to find them again. Please help.

    • sharonb says:

      There is a print icon at the bottom of each post. Click that and it will go to page you can print. Or just print them there is nothing to stop you clicking on the title so you go to the individual page and then print that

  8. Angela says:

    Thanks for the instructions Sharon. I took them and my stitching outside to stitch in the beautiful sunshine today. It felt so good.

  9. Lisa says:

    I love the possibilities you’ve inspired with the combination stitch, Bullion Vandyke. The change in texture has potential use for creating depth-of-field as well as heightening visual interest. Thank you for the excellent instruction photos!

  10. Renee says:

    I look forward to trying these two stitches! I used the Break Week to catch up on a few more stitches. My examples of 10, 12 & 30 are posted on my blog. Thanks again for the instructions and inspiration!

  11. Annet says:

    These are great variations of the VanDyke stitch, I just had to give the beaded version a try:
    I’m looking forward to play with the bullion VanDyke stitch too!

  12. Anneliese says:

    Thank you, Sharon, for again two lovely stitches.

  13. HI Sharon,
    I am looking forward to explore these two interesting variations of Vandyke stitch. my whipped long tailed chain stitch sampler is here-
    Thank you,

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