TAST challenge to run again

TAST2012logoThis is a heads up folks. A few people on the TAST facebook group have banded together to run Take a Stitch Tuesday again. If you want to join the group please feel free to as they will start with stitch 1 on July 14.

If you are not already a member you will need to join the group. It’s a closed facebook group. Click here to join.

I am thrilled to see this happen Thanks Jenny for stirring the pot and getting it going!

Not sure what TAST is? Here is the TAST FAQ page

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23 Responses to TAST challenge to run again

  1. Joyce in NM says:

    I wonder if you will reopen the flickr page, that is easiest for many of us!

  2. Maureen says:

    Hi Sharon, Is this TAST challenge a re-run or a new set of stitches?
    I’m another who doesn’t like using Facebook

  3. SarahTS says:

    I’d also be interested, but I’m another one of those who won’t use Facebook (a whole lot of reasons). Please could you make it available to us as well?

  4. jan russell says:

    i checked a stitch tuesdday and i thought i was a member but its showing i am pending……………i would love to start over on the stitchs

  5. lin says:

    Great news Sharon. xx

  6. Deb Donovan says:

    Please sign me up, Thankx

  7. ruth wilson says:

    Thank you for, inviting me to joinTAST. Will try to keep up.

  8. Joan Sawyer says:

    I am not sure how to take and add pictures of my work to the computer but I am looking forward to learning and practicing my embroidery. Thank you.

  9. Susie says:

    Please count me in! So glad to see you are running this again

  10. Jules says:

    Now this is odd, because only last week I was showing Pintangle eye candy and and explaining TAST to my embroidery ladies
    ( who gasped and oo-ed adoringly of course!) and encouraging all of them on line to check out the old posts! So I’m signing up. I know I won’t do it all, but I’ve been playing around with some new (to me) stitches for a project so again… spookily I am following your lead! ( I never knew I would end up a stalker! :))

  11. Tenar says:

    I’m not on facebook, and will not be, for a gazillion of reasons that don’t belong here, so this is not for me. I am sorry because I would have been in if it ran on a blog or some sort of open forum.

    For those who are like me, I have started a weekly stitch tutorial on my own blog, which can be used as a stitch along challenge, although there don’t seem to be any takers until now. I post a new stitch every sunday, so it is called Stitch Sunday, and when I get round to it I post more inspirational stuff about the stitch during the week. I say in the description it is only for 12 Weeks and I am on week 6 but I think I have already decided I like the structure and go on after that, maybe with a little summer break in august.

    Go here: https://tenar72.wordpress.com/2015/05/31/stitch-sunday-the-challenge/ for the first post proposing the challenge, and click on the stitch sunday tag at the bottom of that post (or any other related post) to see all posts about the challenge. (https://tenar72.wordpress.com/tag/stitch-sunday/)

    Out of respect to Sharon and to avoid boredom I try to avoid stitches that have been part of TAST, exept when I have to add something different or original.

    Sharon, if you consider this unwanted self-promo feel free to delete this, no offence taken.

    • sharonb says:

      Tenar it will be run from the blog so dont fret if you feel like joining in it will be as it was before.

  12. Hi Sharon,
    I was waiting for this day to come. so happy.
    Thank you,

  13. Jan Roemke says:

    I have a broken wrist right now, but hope to resume stitching very soon,

  14. velia says:

    I missed the last session, please sign me up. Thanks

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