TAST Stitch 71

TAST Stitch 71 Alternating Up and down Buttonhole is a fun and interesting variety of regular Up and Down Buttonhole which is stitch 55 of the TAST challenge. So this week we can build on skills learnt in a previous challenge stitch. It Forms a decorative line of paired stitches which you can further decorate with beads. You can splay the two arms out a bit for a more twiggy look. Since it is based on buttonhole stitch, this stitch will follow a curve well. You can also work it row upon row to form a patterned fill.
Alternating Up and down buttonhole 7

TAST2012logoHow to join in on the Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge TAST Stitch 71

All stitchers a free to join the challenge and all levels of skill are welcome. If you are new to hand embroidery the challenge is to learn the stitch. If you are an experienced embroiderer push these stitches in creative manner and share with beginners so they can see what can be done with a little imagination.

Where to share

Stitch a sample, photograph it, put in online on your blog, or share it on Facebook, Instagram etc or where ever you hang out online, and leave a comment on the Alternating Up and Down Buttonhole Stitch page with a link so people can come and see what you have done.

Feel free to join the  TAST facebook group and leave your photo there.  For Flickr people the group is Take a Stitch Tuesday. Hashtags are #TASTembroidery and #PintangleTAST on places like Instagram etc.

If you need more information the challenge guidelines are on the TAST FAQ page.

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