Take a Stitch Tuesday Stitch 77

Take a Stitch Tuesday Stitch 77 sampleYay time for Take a Stitch Tuesday Stitch 77. I love Tuesday mornings as there is always a sense of anticipation wondering how people will react to the stitch of the week.

This week in the Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge is a bit of doozie as I think it’s lots of fun. Pistil stitch is a French Knot with a long tail. You can use Pistil stitch for the centre of flowers or arrange it in a circle as flower motif. If you experiment with threads you can have fun as the thread thickness will determine the size of the finished stitch and look of the flower. You can work this stitch using lots of different threads such as cotton perle #8 and #5, fine braids, some knitting yarn and silk ribbon. Experiment with Pistil stitch as that is the challenge!

As Usual I have tutorial for Pistil stitch in my stitch dictionary. I hope you have fun with Take a Stitch Tuesday Stitch 77.

How to join in on the Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge

If you are new to hand embroidery the challenge is to learn the stitches. If you are an experienced embroiderer push these stitches in creative manner and share with beginners what can be done with a little imagination.
Where to share

Stitch a sample, photograph it, put in online on your blog, flickr site, share it on Facebook or where ever you hang out online, and leave a comment on the Pistil stitch page with your full web address. Don’t forget the http bit of the web address so that your address becomes a live link so that people can visit your site and see what you have done.

Feel free to join the  TAST facebook group and leave your photo there.  For Flickr people the group is Take a Stitch Tuesday. Hashtags are #TASTembroidery and #PintangleTAST on places like Instagram etc.

If you need more information the challenge guidelines are on the TAST FAQ page.

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You can have Pintangle delivered to your inbox by using the follow feature in the sidebar. Just enter your email address, and when you get the confirmation email make sure you say yes and you are all set!
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Crazy quilt template set 2

Have you seen my Stitchers templates?

As a stitcher who loves crazy quilting and embroidery I designed these templates with other stitchers in mind. With my Stitchers Templates you can create hundreds of different patterns to embroider on your stitching and crazy quilting projects. They are easy to use, totally clear so you can position them easily and they are compact in your sewing box.

Templates set 1 you will find here 
Templates set 2 you will find here 

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6 Responses to Take a Stitch Tuesday Stitch 77

  1. Jan says:

    Thank you Sharon. I know I can buy your book i England but can I would also like to buy you tenplates as well. Do you know where I can do this please?

  2. Marilyn Larkin says:

    Thank-you. I have always used the a pearl thread or stranded cotton when working this stitch, it never dawned on me to use ribbon, wool or any other threads. Thank-you for opening up a new world of pistil stitches to me.

  3. Margo says:

    May I use your stitches with beginning embroiderer? Thanks. I love this site and look forward to it every week although I am very far behind on doing the stitches.

    • sharonb says:

      Yes of course you can use them – start with the first 20 stitches as they are the basics – the stitches after those build on the skills you develop with the first 20 and Have fun!

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