TAST break week

TAST2012logoThis week is a catch up week for anyone who is struggling a bit to stay up to date with TAST. For those who are all up to day you can take a break. For those who will go through total TAST withdrawal here is a mini challenge …. drum roll ….Take 5 stitches you have learnt in TAST and use them in small project or sample. It does not need to be complicated. The aim is to consolidate and apply what you have learnt so far.  Five stitches on a small project … that is all.

For others who are in catchup mode, this week gives you a little time. Catchup weeks are important particularly for beginners as it is easy to fall a bit behind we all have busy lives. What I hope to prevent is people slipping behind then getting discouraged as the main aim of TAST and the reason I run it is because I love embroidery and love to introduce people to embroidery so I want to see everyone succeed.

Beyond TAST

For those who are on the Beyond TAST challenge nothing changes too much for you. Follow the link to discover the current Beyond TAST challenge and enjoy that. Next week I will announce a new Beyond TAST challenge.

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