TAST week 11 Highlights

sample of whipped woven wheelTAST 2012 is certainly going to be a challenge to remember as every week when I visit all the photos I am constantly amazed at the inventiveness of some people. I know people who write blogs use terms like that but it’s true. I am serious when I say I think this challenge is shaping up to be one to remember.

There is some great eye candy being produced each week. Now time for a round up of the TAST (Take a stitch Tuesday) highlights. So make a cuppa and I will get on with it and share with you some of the samples that caught my eye last week.

Annet over on Fat Quater has written a tutorial on how to work a version of this stitch that combines whipped and woven wheels.

sample of whipped woven wheel stitch


I want to draw attention to Luiz Vaz’s work. This week again Luiz has produced a wonderful piece – but also go and visit his photos as every single piece is an example of using a stitch in an original and inventive manner.

sample of whipped woven wheel stitch

Over on Playful Stitching Lucy experimented with whipped and woven wheelsused to hold a shisha mirror in place

sample of whipped woven wheel stitch


For anyone who is interested in bands of stitches to use a seam embellishments for crazy quilting, this interpretation of the stitch by Debbie of Jerusalem Notes is something to see.

sample of whipped woven wheel stitch


Once again Chris of Elle’s Craft Creations has created another beaded mandala featuring whipped wheels.

sample of whipped woven wheel stitch


Also MariaInez L.ribeiro dos Santos created this wonderful fan.

sample of whipped woven wheel stitch


Hopscotch on stitchin fingers added her wonderfully quirky “strange little things”.

sample of whipped woven wheel stitch


Susan McGowan clowned around.

sample of whipped woven wheel stitch


Faith created a garden of whipped wheels!

There are lots more ideas in the links this week do visit them and if you have time make comments when you visit as people appreciate it. People go to the trouble of putting their stitching online to share let them know you appreciate it.

Other groups and networks

There is a Facebook TAST 2012 page,   stitchin fingers group and the flickr TAST site. All these sub groups are set up at request of members.

Although I do watch these groups my main focus is here and if you want to contact me do so here as with so much activity I might miss you on the other sites.
All posts relating to TAST are in the Challenges –  Take a Stitch Tuesday category

Full Guidelines and links to stitches covered in previous weeks are on the TAST FAQ page

How to work Whipped Wheel Stitch

whipped wheel stitch sample 3Whipped wheel is also known as whipped spider’s wheel, raised spider’s web wheel, ribbed wheel, back stitched wheel, and back stitched spider’s web. All of these names do little to indicate how much fun this stitch can be. It would be one of my favourite textured stitches. If you look closely at much of my stitching you will find them tucked into all sorts of places.
whipped wheel stitch sample 1

How to work Whipped Wheel stitch

Whipped wheel creates a ribbed disk that can be worked on an even or uneven number of spokes.

step by step how to work whipped wheel stitch 1Start with a single fly stitch. Each side of the fly stitch tail add two straight stitches of equal length. You should have a circle which has five ‘spokes’ to form the foundation.

step by step how to work whipped wheel stitch2Bring your thread up at the centre of the wheel.
From this point onwards your needle does not go through the fabric so use a blunt tapestry needle to avoid splitting the foundation stitches.
Slide the needle under two threads and pull your thread through.
step by step how to work whipped wheel stitch 3Move back one stitch and once again slide the needle under two threads.
Pull the thread through and you have whipped the first spoke.
step by step how to work whipped wheel stitch 4This process is best described as making a spiral of back stitches over the spokes.

step by step how to work whipped wheel stitch 5Repeat this action, whipping each spoke as you progress around the wheel until the circle is filled.

whipped wheel stitch sample 6As I said Whipped wheel is a stitch that is  lots of fun and once you have mastered them they are quite quick. You can used them alone as an accent stitch, a point of colour, an interesting texture, or they can be scattered over an area almost like a powdered filling.

whipped wheel stitch sample 5Whipped wheel stitch is great in contemporary embroidery. This sample have whipped wheels worked in cotton perle #8 (the blue sttiches) and rayon thread (the bronze gold stitches.

whipped wheel stitch sample 4

This sample is whipped wheels worked over machine embroidery. The foundation fabric is hand painted felt.

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