Show and Tell another crazy quilt block complete

Show and Tell another crazy quilt block complete


It is show and tell time as I have been busy completing this latest crazy quilt block for a quilt I am making. Click the image to see a larger version

This is an 8 inch block. Stitches used are, in the top left hand corner Chevron stitch is worked in hand dyed thread which is the same weight as DMC pearl 5. The row of stitches are topped with sequins and beads.

In the right hand corner is a line of mother of pearl vintage buttons with a contemporary heart shaped bead at the base. Next to this is line of floral motifs worked in Detached chain, for the leaves. The flowers are Detached chain with two straight stitches threaded under the bar that ties the chain. This stitch combination is also known as Tulip stitch. I have topped them off with french knots. This combination of stitches is worked in two strands of DMC floss in the leaf sections and hand dyed silk for the flowers.

In the right hand corner a wide ribbon runs diagonally across the crazy quilt block. The top side of the ribbon is edged with two rows of Tied Herringbone. This is topped with some lace motifs and interspersed with novelty beads that are in the shape of a butterfly. The other side of the ribbon is edged with Buttonhole stitch topped with lace floral motifs at the center of which I stitched a small bead.

In the bottom left hand corner of the block is a wide band of crochet lace. I picked out the pattern in this piece by beading the design, stitching a bead in each small hole. To the edge is a row of flowers worked in cotton using detached chain, straight stitch and French knots worked in DMC pearl #5. At the base of these are novelty beads in the shape of a flower.

In the center of the block near the lace butterfly motif are three buttonhole half wheels, which each have a bead in the center. Above the lace butterfly is a blackwork motif worked in hand dyed cotton thread. This design was done using back stitch on waste canvas.

Both lace and buttons are vintage. The foundation fabrics are a mix of contemporary and recycled fabrics. The yellow section in the bottom right hand corner is a home furnishing fabric. The green fabric in the left hand corner is silk. The section that contains the blackwork motif is polished cotton, and the pale green which is almost covered by lace in the top left hand corner is a synthetic after 5 dress fabric. The green fabric in the top right hand corner that holds the spray of mother of pearl buttons is a Chinese brocade. About half the fabrics in this block are from swaps with fellow quilters and the two vintage buttons near the butterfly in the center are also from a swap.



  1. I love the above idea, I have always had an idea of buttons bows and flowers small bees and butterflies do you have any kind of quilt block pictures like that? I would love to see it and better yet my mother would love it for her 51st birthday!
    Thank you Dana,

  2. I hope you will not mind if I post a link to this block in our ‘beginers’ CQRR Blogg – CQ Crazy. Your block will I hope inspire those of us just starting out that it is not all fancy embroidery but also beautiful buttons and beads too. Thank you, Jacqui

    Jacqui Mulcahy
  3. Oh, this is just delicious looking. I am so
    fascinated with crazy quilting. I always check
    out the links you have posted relating to it
    and I refer to the embroidery section of your
    site almost daily because it is a great learning
    tool. I think it will take me twenty years to
    complete a real crazy quilt, but I want to try to
    incorporate elements into my current work. These
    pieces are so incredible. Keep posting them!!!

  4. and ….. the other thought that I had is – I wonder if, when you “release” a block like this, if you would consider also showing us a small picture of it at the end of the piecing process, before you start the embellishing? I am assuming you added the lace in the piecing process, as you often tell us you do (and I do, when I remember). But I was wondering about that wide ribbon, if it was pieced in or embellished on.

    Then I thought – would love to see the block before you started embellishing.

  5. Very “nice”. Well, more than “nice”, but cannot think of the word I want. I especially like the beading on the crochet lace, and the use of that wide ribbon. I have seen stuff like that around, and thought I should “stash” a bit.

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